Among the Wonderful (9) – Carlson, Stacy

With uncanny confidence and impeccable timing, a young Phineas T. Barnum arrive in New York in 1842 and transformed a dusty natural history museum into a great ark for public imagination. It rapidly became the nation’s most popular attraction, ushering America out of a culture of glassed-in exhibits and into the modern age of entertainment.

In this kaleidoscopic setting, two unforgettable characters are brought to life. Emile Guillaudeu, the museum’s longtime taxidermist, is horrified by the chaotic change Barnum brings. Ana Swift, a professional giantess, is jaded by a world of gawkers pushing against her, and reacting to her, every day. But they both will endure dramatic change, one against his will, propelled by a paradigm shift happening whether he likes it or not, and the other because she is struggling to survive. REQUEST IT!


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