All the Pretty Pictures…

A book cover draws your attention first.  According to a blog on Writer’s Digest, there are dos and dont’s (Well. More don’ts, apparently) for an effective book cover.

DO: Use a font for the title that is big and easy to read.

DON’T: forget to review a thumbnail version of the book cover

DON’T: use Comic Sans or Papyrus font! Or have more than two font types

DON’T: use the author’s own/child’s artwork or allow the author to design their own cover

DON’T: use tacky clip art 

DON’T: stick any image in a box

DON’T: use gradients or unlovely color combos

Now, glancing through our collection, one would have to assume that not all publishers know the above dos and don’ts or perhaps choose to ignore them. Regardless, below are the covers in our collection that I find most appealing and illicit my curiosity about the book (admittedly, I’m a bit picky and a sucker for a fabulous photo). Same for you?  (If you could like to know more about the book, simply click on the image)

Doctorow_Andrews-Brain beautiful ruins by nightfall the dovekeepers fin&lady a grownup kind of pretty i'm down Oryx and Crake palisades park the sisterssweet tooth  TheTime in Between a walk i the woods

Care to request any? 

To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.  -Victor Hugo



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