Read and Watch


I received a great question from the Kiowa Public library. Kiowa is a small library and has partnered up with the local theater to host a bookclub with a movie to follow. What a fantastic idea! The librarian inquired if we had copies of Monuments Men (sadly, we do not) for their discussion and movie event. However, it DID get me thinking about the combination  and inspired me to create a list of the book sets we do have that also include the story in movie format.

Tale of Two cities-great expectation


A Tale of Two Cities/Great Expectations                                                                                                                


                                                      As I Lay Dying as-i-lay-dying-book-cover-1-jpg

the da vinci code


Da Vinci Code



                       Death Comes to Pemberley  death comes to pemberly

Never Let Me Go


Never Let Me Go



                                                          On the Road  on the road

The Book Thief


The Book Thief



                                                                  The Help  the help

Hunger games


The Hunger Games



                                           The Maltese Falcon  maltese falcon

the memory keeper's daughter


The Memory Keeper’s Daughter



                                    The Pillars of the Earth pillars of the earth

the road


The Road



                                   The Sound and the Fury  sound_and_the_fury-cover

The Thin Man


The Thin Man



                     Their Eyes Were Watching God  their eyes were watching god

to kill a mockingbird


To Kill a Mockingbird



Are you thinking  “Read and Watch” is an option for your bookclub? The books can be requested here:

And remember! We have discussion questions for many of our books. They can be found here:


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