July 2010 – Book of the Month

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Some people are attracted to blue eyes. Others want a partner with a bubbly personality. Colin Singleton, however, only dates girls named Katherine. There have been nineteen of them, to be exact and each and every one of them has dumped Colin. It is shortly after the most recent Katherine has left him that he and his friend (his only friend) Hassan decide that a road trip is in order. The pair soon find themselves in the small town of Gutshot, Tennessee where

they decide to settle in for the summer. It is here that Colin, former child prodigy, finds a project to distract him from post-breakup depression and post-stardom obscurity.

An Abundance of Katherines does a great job of being teen lit that doesn’t speak down to its audience. It also doesn’t try too hard to be “cool”. The main character, by his own admission, is very uncool (In a Michael Cera kind of way). Colin speaks eleven languages, conjugates Latin verbs for fun and can rattle off obscure facts about foreign dignitaries, but can’t tell a story to save his life. He also can’t seem to get over the fact that, when it comes to relationships, he is a chronic failure. But, his buddy Hassan and straightforward local Lindsey keep the story from becoming a one-man pity party. For lovers of puzzles and languages and road trips, An Abundance of Katherines will be an intriguing adventure, even for those of us long past our teen years.
Anagrams of the book’s title: One Fun Date, Sane Brain Hack: After One Nine, Had A Suck Ban: One Bad Teen Kafir, Shaun, Can: I Shun A Bank After One Dance: Ann Ark – I Need A Bunch of Eats: A Nun Brakes Into A Fenced…Ah…: I Can Brake Hands Of Teen An U: I Found Her An Ace Beans Tank: Ann, I Shout And Brake A Fence.  (This will make more sense after you’ve read it!)


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